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Why it pays off to pay more for a virtual assistant!

This is a topic that has been argued over and over again. Although Covid has shone a light on how much can be done remotely, there is still a stigma that virtual is somehow less than.

Freelancers often low-ball their talents to get on board with clients, especially when competing on platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, Thumbtack, etc. Clients often go for the lower bids hoping to save money. This actually ends up being an expensive lesson on both sides.

Nearly everyone that comes to NBPS started out with a $15 an hour VA and that ended badly. Either the quality of work was subpar or the VA was not making enough money to sustain their business.

When your VA is not up to standard or they suddenly exit to greener (as in cash) pastures you have to start all over again with recruiting, training, and developing what is usually a very trusted relationship.

If you hire an experienced C level Virtual Executive Assistant, there is less training, less need for development of talents. Why? Because they already know how to build that trusted relationship that is necessary.

When you are looking at the long-term goals for your business, stability should be at the top of your list. You may pay the VA more per hour but you will have less overhead.

Treat your business like your baby. Would you pick a daycare based solely on price?

You would be shocked what an experienced, high level VA can do for your business growth.


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