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Natasha Bowles
Founder & CEO

Natasha Bowles is a naturally insightful powerhouse of a woman with a perception and vision that looks to make the impossible, possible. As an entrepreneur, writer, mother, speaker, executive assistant, lover of animals who has served on the board for an animal rescue, consultant, and digital nomad, she has provided freedom and exceptional support to her clients since 2016. Often referred to as “Wonder Woman” by her peers, tempt her with your hopes and dreams, and you’ll often be met with a smile and the words “That’s crazy! Let’s do it!” This attitude led to the creation of Natasha Bowles Professional Services, a remote staffing agency that supports the growth of your business and dreams. Natasha’s staff supports everyone from C-Level executives to creative types such as podcasters, authors, and coaches.


Alyssa Ross

Administrative Director

Alyssa is a naturally organized woman who enjoys bringing calm to others’ minds and worlds through digital and physical organization.  A client may give her a to-do list or instead say “help, I don’t know where to start!”, and Alyssa seamlessly steps into the chaos to usher in calm.  She works well with executives who like to brainstorm ideas as she can bring clarity to their vision.  As an English teacher, she is skilled in writing curriculum on a variety of topics and enjoys using the creative side of her brain to make the content as engaging for the audience as possible.  As a mom of a teenager, she understands perseverance, patience and the art of negotiation!


Janis Lundy


Janis has always worked in industries requiring high detail and organization combined with exceptional customer service. From the printing industry to the medical/health industry, she has enjoyed coordinating all the moving parts, creative problem solving, and being the liaison between her clients and production. She is an Arizona native who loves the beauty and climate of the state. In her spare time, she enjoys golf and fitness.

Toye Piccirilli


Toye lives with her family in Nashville, Tennessee. With meticulous attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills, Toye offers administrative support that ensures smooth and efficient functioning. In her leisure time, she enjoys culinary exploration, artistic pursuits, and cherishing moments with my family and two dogs.  


Tiffany Acuff

Virtual Administrative Assistant 


Tiffany hails from Ohio as a transplant from Oklahoma by way of Michigan!  Living in the Cincinnati area has enabled her family to pursue lots of new outdoor adventures. Kayaking, camping, and rock climbing are their favorites! Professionally, Tiffany has worked in one service industry or another for more than 20 years. Restaurant, retail customer service, wholesale customer service, nanny, and household management for a busy CEO are some of her most valuable roles in that field. Learning to troubleshoot, research, connect people with needs to people with matching means, and saying “yes” a lot more than she said “no” when asked to make something happen. Making professional lives simpler, so professionals can enjoy their personal lives more is what keeps her going in her own professional life.  In her personal life, she’s 18 years happily married to an amazing husband. Mother to three children and foster mom to three more (for now).  Being a foster family is our family’s way of serving our community in the best way we know how: to love people well with all we have regardless of the heartache that may come later. 

Goldyn Moreno

Graphic Designer


Goldyn specializes in assisting our valued clients in crafting cutting-edge, visually captivating websites that elevate their online presence and amplify their business endeavors. As an integral part of her role, she channels her expertise as both a graphic designer and a savvy marketer to curate compelling social media content tailored to enhance our clients' marketing strategies. Continuously fueled by a passion for innovation, Goldyn consistently seeks out fresh avenues to unleash her boundless creativity. Embracing the dynamic nature of our world, she remains steadfast in her commitment to staying abreast of the latest industry trends, ensuring that her work remains at the forefront of modern design and marketing practices.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Goldyn champions the philosophy of positivity as a transformative force in achieving personal and professional success. Firmly rooted in the belief that cultivating a positive mindset empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and realize their aspirations, she infuses this ethos into every facet of her work. By fostering an environment of optimism and possibility, Goldyn strives to inspire and uplift those around her, instilling confidence and resilience in pursuit of their goals.


Danika Miles

Graphic Designer


Meet Danika Miles, the Nashville-based dance teaching artist with a passion for turning brands into stars! When not grooving on the dance floor or jet-setting to new destinations with her family in tow, you'll find Danika tapping into her creative genius, helping small business owners find their voice and shine in crowded markets. From teaching dance to crafting compelling brand identities, Danika is the ultimate multi-talented powerhouse, bringing rhythm and flair to everything she does!


Kendall McCluney

Social Media Executive Assistant


My passion lies in capturing the picture-perfect moment. Every aspect of a photograph holds significance, and I invest my all to ensure your images surpass excellence, becoming nothing short of exceptional. very client is unique, and so is every project. I work closely with my clients to understand their vision and preferences, ensuring that the final result exceeds expectations. Punctuality, respect, and a pleasant attitude are at the core of my professional values. I aim to make every photoshoot an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Let's bring your vision to life!

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