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Natasha Bowles

Natasha Bowles is a businesswoman who has a knack for solving the businessperson's problems as they arise. This ability led to starting her own business and growing her team of Virtual Assistants who support everyone from C-Level executives to creative types such as podcasters, authors, and coaches. NBPS was created in 2016 as a way to bring affordable C-Level assistance by asking clients to only pay for the hours they actually needed instead of a full time employee. NBPS started working with social media based clientele and began to expand into working with C level executives, start up founders, creative entrepreneurs, and podcasters. In 2019, we began the growth and expansion of the NBPS Team. The team has branched out into social media management, graphic design, back office help, consulting, bookkeeping, data management, and many other areas in addition to offering senior level assistance to those that need to live beyond a 9-5 schedule.


30 Years of Combined Experience

​Podcast Host and
Life Coach

Speaker and Consultant

Invention Production Company

VP of Sales for Healthcare Solutions Company

​CEO of Healthcare Solutions Company

Venture Capitalist

Commercial and Residential Realtors

​Founder, Staffing Agency

​Entrepreneur and
Life Coach

Non Profit
Business Coach

​Trauma Counselor

Calendar Management, Email Management, Social Media posting, Reaching out to potential podcast guests via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Email, and Guest websites to request and schedule interviews, Website Design, and Management.

Client Management, Appointment Management for all therapists in the practice, Email Management, Call Tracking, Billing

Calendar Management, Email Management, Hiring Processes, Employee Training Management, Personal Appointments, Travel Scheduling, Project Management, Branding

Calendar Management, Email Management, QuickBooks, Follow up after an event, Travel Scheduling, Project Management

Expense Reports

Calendar Management, Travel Coordination, Personal Tasks, Team Tasks for her team, Smart Recruiter and Indeed Management, Interview Coordination, Daily THNKS for Demos, Research, Email Management, Meeting Notes

Calendar Management, Travel Coordination, Personal Tasks, Team Tasks, Smart Recruiter and Indeed Management, Interview Coordination, Daily THNKS for Demos, Research, Email management, Meeting notes, Tech Support, Content Creation

Calendar Management, Travel Coordination, Expense Reports, Meeting Notes, Email Management, Reservations, Personal Assistant

Calendar Management, Meal Planning, Gift Purchasing, Managing Personal finances, Subscription Management (Amazon, Factor, Netflix, etc), Reservations: Restaurants, Personal Appointments, Client Meeting Notes, Spreadsheets, Research, Household management, Client Support

Calendar Management, Asana, Donation Letters, Research, Creating/Managing Google Sheets/Docs/Forms, Email Management, Travel Coordination for Festival Performers, Festival Logistics Coordination, Canva, Acuity, Podcast Upload, Website Editing, Event Page Management, Grant Research/Application

Tour Scheduling, Spreadsheets, Adobe, CoStar, Gmail, Calendar Management, Time Management, Contacting Brokers, Travel Scheduling, Personal Tasks, Google Docs, Dropbox Management, and Personal research specific to hobbies



Becky B

“I've had the great pleasure of working with Natasha on several projects-from starting a new nonprofit organization to planning conferences. She is a delight to work with! She is conscientious and kind-always ready with an encouraging word. She knows how to surround herself with quality people who are as driven as she is. She is a master at time management and a creative problem-solver. You will love working with her!”

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