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Running your office can be more cost and time effective with a strong virtual team in your corner.

When you start a new business, oftentimes you are the only person working both in and on your business. You wear all the hats until you start to tip over from the weight of not having any help. You want to keep costs low but you need additional support to keep the business running smoothly. Instead of hiring an employee with limited skill sets, you could get more out of hiring a virtual team.

A skilled VA team can help grow your business significantly, allow you to get more things done, and cost about the same as one full-time employee while handling the jobs of multiple employees. One way that a virtual team keeps costs down is that you only pay for productive time. We have found that most small businesses can achieve huge results in 40-60 hours a month. You can also save money by not having to pay taxes, health insurance, in-house employee-related overhead, or other benefits. Our team offers monthly hours packages. Pulling from the same bucket of hours you've purchased each month; you can use the team member best suited to the scope of work that you need from day to day. For example, you might need 5 hours a month of bookkeeping, 10 hours a month of graphic design, 5 hours a month of social media management, 10 hours a month of calendar and email management, and so on. This would be one monthly fee for access to all of those positions.

Another way that a virtual team is more cost-effective is in the hiring process itself. You do not have to go through a lengthy and costly hiring and training process. Instead, you are able to jump right in on day one with a skilled team at your fingertips.

Besides money, it is often difficult for business owners to maximize their time. If you have a skilled virtual team, you can delegate all the tasks in your business so you can work on your business. Having this time returned to you, you can rest assured the day-to-day tasks are handled while you work on income-generating tasks to grow your business and improve your bottom line.

Speaking of time, if you have a virtual team, you are not always stuck with a 9-5 employee. Virtual Assistants can adjust to hours that are most productive for your business and not waste time when you do not have tasks for them to do.

If you invest in a skilled team, they can help set up standard operating procedures, automation, and follow-up strategies to make sure your clients are taken care of from that first moment of contact all the way through, without any balls being dropped or opportunities missed. The day-to-day running of your office can be handled with great efficiency with a skilled virtual team.

A virtual team can also help you increase your social media presence, help with funnels and lead generation, keep your calendar and emails tidy, help with travel arrangements, write blog posts, manage your website, research and create content, and even plan events. With someone else picking up so much of the little things, you can concentrate on the big things and possibly even find a few days to take off.

Working with a virtual team has gotten a lot easier post covid shutdown. With a strong team behind you, you would be amazed at how many things can be taken off your plate with fewer overhead expenses.

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