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New Year, New You!

I love when the first day of the year falls on a Sunday. It is like having a fresh clean chalkboard to start the school year. All the days line up for my brain, the first week of the year is a full week. It is such a good feeling to start something new on a timeline that feels correct.

I don’t set resolutions but I do make goals for every year. This year my goals are aligned with health and with stepping back into a more professional image post-covid close down. In the spirit of doing these things, I started on January 1st with walking 1000 steps on the treadmill as soon as I wake up. This gets my body moving first thing and hopefully will help with some of the stiffness from my lupus. I also am taking my grandmother swimming every morning at our local gym. We started this last year but health issues with both of us turned our start into a stop around October.

I have several other goals for this year such as being camera ready during business hours and putting on real clothes every day even if they are comfy clothes.

Will I stick to this all year long? I hope so. They are good goals for self care. The biggest goal is not to stop if I hit a setback. To train my brain to understand that January 1st is not the only start date. Sunday is not the only start day. I can restart on a Thursday in April if need be. This is hard for my brain to understand as it loves the nice clean blackboard.

We often fail because we are waiting for the opportunity to look like we expect. We miss chances to do things because we are trying to only do them one way. If you pass up an opportunity because the packaging changed, this could hurt you in business as well as life.

What goals have you set for yourself in 2023?

What is your plan to press play if circumstances put things on pause?


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