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Hey there, welcome to my first founder’s blog.

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

NBPS is excited to share that we have invested in creating a system that helps small businesses become successful competitors in their field.

Natasha Bowles, Founder

My name is Natasha Bowles and I call myself the accidental entrepreneur. In 2015, I left the school system at Christmas Break because I felt like policy had taken precedence over people.

My grandfather was ill so I told my grandmother that I would sit hospice with him. He stayed with us for 10 months and we had a lot of grand adventures. But because he was in the last of his days, he slept a lot so I started doing work online. I took on some summer projects from people I knew; copywriting or ghost writing or editing. I dived deeper into the world of virtual assistance and met a woman that was looking for someone to fill in for her assistant that was going on maternity leave. That worked out so well that she introduced me to her husband who became my flagship client.

I am a businesswoman who has a knack for solving the businessperson's problems as they arise. This ability led to starting my own business and growing my team of Virtual Assistants who support everyone from C-Level executives to creative types such as podcasters, authors, and coaches. NBPS was created in 2016 as a way to bring affordable C-Level assistance by asking clients to only pay for the hours they actually needed instead of a full time employee. NBPS started working with social media based clientele and began to expand into working with C-Level executives, start up founders, creative entrepreneurs, and podcasters. In 2019, we began the growth and expansion of the NBPS Team. The team has branched out into social media management, graphic design, back office help, consulting, bookkeeping, data management, and many other areas in addition to offering senior level assistance to those that need to live beyond a 9-5 schedule.

My biggest passion is minority rights and equality. I have been blessed to partner with some amazing people to bring a larger audience to minority owned businesses. Because of our unique client base, we are able to bring the skills we have learned from different industries to those that are trying to get a seat at the table. We can give a small business the benefits of a full team for the price of one full time employee.

I am inspired by the younger generation wanting a better work life balance and we are creating ways to bring that not only to employees but to the C-Level executives by building teams that can help your business grow and sustain if you take a vacation.

In 2023, we want to become the toolbox that every startup, small business, and entrepreneur needs to grow their business to the next level and stay in business beyond the three year mark.


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